At the table with the Past. Ancient diet and cooking

Conference series:

At the table with the Past. Ancient diet and cooking

A new series of historical and archaeological conferences have been organized by the Scientific Director of the MAVN, prof. Orlando Cerasuolo, with the dr. Romina Laurito (National Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia), in cooperation with the Municipalities of Mazzano Romano and Calcata, the Treja Valley Natural Park and the Friends of the MAVNA Association.

With the conference will be discussed the major foods at the base of the ancient diet, from the Prehistory to the Roman conquest, together with the techniques to study them and case studies from every corner of the ancient Mediterranean.

The conferences will be every two weeks, from February to the end of July. They will be hosted at the Cultural Center of Mazzano Romano, at the Granarone of Calcata and at the Villa Giulia Museum. Here below you will find the series program. All the conferences will be in Italian.

Attendance is free and at the end of the conferences, there will be an aperitive inspired by ancient recipes offered by the MAVNA!



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