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MAVNA opens back!

Dear Friends,

Following the recent decisions by the Government and the Regione Lazio, The Virtual Archaeological Museum of Narce – MAVNA will open back soon.

From May 18th it will be possible to visit the Museum upon previous booking, that can be made by email ( or by phone (+393294219573).

From June we do hope to be able to open MAVNA as usual and to schedule the other cultural activities.

Access to the Museum will be fixed in number and subject in respect for the social distancing, the compulsory mask and the other regulations.

We hope to see you soon.

PS: we remind you to subscribe to MAVNA YouTube Channel, so to always know the latest news about MAVNA. Thank you.

MAVNA YouTube Channel

We are living hard times but MAVNA tries to support you.

We opened the MAVNA YouTube channel, that you can access by clicking this link.
The channel is devoted:
  1. To illustrate the archaeological collections and exhibitions of the MAVNA (the current and the past ones)
  2. To show the different activities of the MAVNA (conferences and events)
  3. To promote the archaeology and heritage of the territory of Narce (from the Prehistory to the Middle Age)
  4. To gather all the best videos available on YouTube (also the ones not made by MAVNA) related to Narce, the Faliscans (territory, history and language), the museums all around the world with finds from Narce, the territory of the Treja valley.

Once again we are engaged to promote the rich heritage of our territory, to everyone’s benefit!

The Channel has been made in cooperation with the Mazzano Romano Municipality, the Treja Valley Natural Park, the Friends of the MAVNA Association, together with many friends of ours.

More than 30 MAVNA videos are already uploaded and we gathered more than 40 videos made by others (some of them in English too). We will continue uploading other materials and here you will find future events of the Museum. We are working to make this Channel the business card and a showcase for the Museum and the territory.

Please subscribe to the MAVNA Youtube Channel to stay updated and to report potential errors or improvements, as well as to suggest more videos.

This is not the only ongoing activity. Not many people know that 2020 is the year devoted to the celebrations of the 130 years from the discovery of Narce (1890). Notwithstanding the Covid-19 outbreak overturned our original plans we do want to realize important initiatives, together with our partners (especially the National Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia in Rome). Therefore, for Narce130 we are preparing a virtual exhibition to illustrate the archaeology of Narce and the Faliscans. More events will be organized, also depending on the changing situation.

Let’s stay in contact.
Be healthy.
See you soon.

Museum is closed and all the activities are suspended

Dear Friends,

following the recent regulations of the Italian DPCM n. 20200308 and following acts, the MAVNA will be closed until April 3rd,  except for new provisions of law.

We are sorry for the inconvenience but in these difficult times, it is appropriate to follow the Government guidance.

For the same reason, all the conferences, excursions and other activities of the MAVNA and the Friends of the MAVNA Association are postponed to a date to be decided. Every news will be promptly shared by email and on the MAVNA website. 

In order to meet the public needs and to continue the didactic purposes of the MAVNA we created a YouTube channel (link) where we are uploading the videos of the past conferences. We hope you will enjoy it.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Be strong!

At the table with the Past. Ancient diet and cooking

Conference series:

At the table with the Past. Ancient diet and cooking

A new series of historical and archaeological conferences have been organized by the Scientific Director of the MAVN, prof. Orlando Cerasuolo, with the dr. Romina Laurito (National Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia), in cooperation with the Municipalities of Mazzano Romano and Calcata, the Treja Valley Natural Park and the Friends of the MAVNA Association.

With the conference will be discussed the major foods at the base of the ancient diet, from the Prehistory to the Roman conquest, together with the techniques to study them and case studies from every corner of the ancient Mediterranean.

The conferences will be every two weeks, from February to the end of July. They will be hosted at the Cultural Center of Mazzano Romano, at the Granarone of Calcata and at the Villa Giulia Museum. Here below you will find the series program. All the conferences will be in Italian.

Attendance is free and at the end of the conferences, there will be an aperitive inspired by ancient recipes offered by the MAVNA!



Redressing the Princesses of Narce

The weaving adventure of recreating the ancient customs of female burials at Narce begins. In fact, in the first exhibition in the Museum, “Princesses of Narce around the world: Faliscan daughters, brides and mothers between 8th and 7th century BC” (September, 2013), a group of ladies of Mazzano Romano, traditional local expert teachers of sewing, weaving together with instructor from other countries around the world will participate in this project, recreating burial customs and dresses of different women buried in the necropolis of La Petrina at Narce. Coordinated by Dr. Margarita Gleba, Institute of Archaeology, University College of London, our tailors will combine the local tradition with the results of more recent studies on ancient fabrics in the Etruscan-Italic world.
Over the next month a vertical loom will be prepared, as it should be during the Faliscan times, useful to recreate the colorful robes of the Faliscan ladies and which will form an integral part of the exhibition of the Museum and a permanent laboratory for ancient weaving.

Treasure Hunt at Narce

On April 16th, along the three hills of Narce, Monte Li Santi and Pizzo Piede, a great “Treasure Hunt” – The Treasures of Narce – involved the students of the local primary school in Mazzano Romano. Following several archaeologists, expert in classics and Etruscan Stuies (Sapienza-University of Rome) and the rangers of the Treja Regional Park, the children discovered the tufa walls of Narce, the viaduct linking Narce and Monte Li Santi, the different “harbours” along the Treja, the I Tufi necropolis and finally the sanctuary at Le Rote, devoted to Fortuna and Minerva Maia. The different teams have faced several adventures other to the discovery of the treasure within the Sanctuary.
This event is part of the educative project focused on the primary and junior high local schools developed by the Museo Archeologico-Virtuale di Narce. This project aims at involving the younger generation during this year of creation of the Museum. A tremendous chance to allow children to think at the museum as their own museum.
To see the different laboratories of the Museum please see the “Labs”