MAVNA YouTube Channel

We are living hard times but MAVNA tries to support you.

We opened the MAVNA YouTube channel, that you can access by clicking this link.
The channel is devoted:
  1. To illustrate the archaeological collections and exhibitions of the MAVNA (the current and the past ones)
  2. To show the different activities of the MAVNA (conferences and events)
  3. To promote the archaeology and heritage of the territory of Narce (from the Prehistory to the Middle Age)
  4. To gather all the best videos available on YouTube (also the ones not made by MAVNA) related to Narce, the Faliscans (territory, history and language), the museums all around the world with finds from Narce, the territory of the Treja valley.

Once again we are engaged to promote the rich heritage of our territory, to everyone’s benefit!

The Channel has been made in cooperation with the Mazzano Romano Municipality, the Treja Valley Natural Park, the Friends of the MAVNA Association, together with many friends of ours.

More than 30 MAVNA videos are already uploaded and we gathered more than 40 videos made by others (some of them in English too). We will continue uploading other materials and here you will find future events of the Museum. We are working to make this Channel the business card and a showcase for the Museum and the territory.

Please subscribe to the MAVNA Youtube Channel to stay updated and to report potential errors or improvements, as well as to suggest more videos.

This is not the only ongoing activity. Not many people know that 2020 is the year devoted to the celebrations of the 130 years from the discovery of Narce (1890). Notwithstanding the Covid-19 outbreak overturned our original plans we do want to realize important initiatives, together with our partners (especially the National Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia in Rome). Therefore, for Narce130 we are preparing a virtual exhibition to illustrate the archaeology of Narce and the Faliscans. More events will be organized, also depending on the changing situation.

Let’s stay in contact.
Be healthy.
See you soon.

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