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Treasure Hunt at Narce

On April 16th, along the three hills of Narce, Monte Li Santi and Pizzo Piede, a great “Treasure Hunt” – The Treasures of Narce – involved the students of the local primary school in Mazzano Romano. Following several archaeologists, expert in classics and Etruscan Stuies (Sapienza-University of Rome) and the rangers of the Treja Regional Park, the children discovered the tufa walls of Narce, the viaduct linking Narce and Monte Li Santi, the different “harbours” along the Treja, the I Tufi necropolis and finally the sanctuary at Le Rote, devoted to Fortuna and Minerva Maia. The different teams have faced several adventures other to the discovery of the treasure within the Sanctuary.
This event is part of the educative project focused on the primary and junior high local schools developed by the Museo Archeologico-Virtuale di Narce. This project aims at involving the younger generation during this year of creation of the Museum. A tremendous chance to allow children to think at the museum as their own museum.
To see the different laboratories of the Museum please see the “Labs”