The Director

Orlando Cerasuolo


Currently he is the Scientific Director of the Virtual Archaeological Museum of Narce – MAVNA and contract Professor of Etruscan and PreRoma Archaeology at the “Eastern” Naples University (link).

He graduated in European ProtoHistory with prof. Renato Peroni and gained a PhD in Etruscan Archaeology with professors  Bartoloni and Bagnasco. Later he was Post-doc Fellow of the Italian School of Archaeology at Athens (SAIA) and Post-doc Teaching Fellow at the University at Buffalo SUNY – Institute for European and Mediterranean Archaeology (IEMA).

Orlando directed excavation and territorial surveys in every corner of Etruria, in many regions of Italy, in Greece, Turkey and Uzbekistan. He is interested in landscape archaeology, material culture, urbanization, cultural and trade exchange in PreRoman Mediterranean, methodology and statistics, new technologies applied to heritage management and dissemination. He published many papers and contributions in Italian and international books.

Since 2004 is Director of the International Excavation and Outreach Project of the Etruscan Fortress of Rofalco (Farnese, VT).

For a selection of his works please see the personal page at and portfolio.

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