The Director

Jacopo Tabolli

Born in Rome, July 9th 1984.
Resided in Italy and Egypt. Citizen of Italy

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABA and MA in Archaeology at Sapienza University of Rome. He recently defended his Ph.D. dissertation in Archaeology (Etruscology curriculum) at Sapienza, University of Rome: Along the borders of Veii and Ager Faliscus. The inhabited area and the necropoleis (Tufi and Petrina) of Narce, between the first Iron Age and the Orientalizing period. He is the youngest Ph.D. ever to have been graduated in Etruscan Studies at Sapienza University of Rome. His research projects are thus focused mainly on pre-Roman Italy, especially the study of material culture, funerary ideology, relative chronology in the lower Tiber Valley, archival research and ancient sources. Editor of the journal Officina Etruscologia, he published a series of contributions in several volumes, specifically dedicated to the study of Ager Faliscus and Internal Etruria territory in the First Iron Age and in the Orientalizing period (concerning especially the Lake of Bolsena area). His first book will appear in 2013 in Civiltà arcaica dei Sabini collection.
He has been digging in several project in Italy. Since 2004 he has taken part in the excavation field projects of the Institute of Etruscology (Populonia and Veio) and of the Department of Sciences of the Antiquities (Palatine Hill), and since 2005, he has been supervising one sector, within the excavation site of Veii Piazza d’Armi under the direction of Professor Gilda Bartoloni. He is currently a research fellow at Sapienza University of Rome and involved in several research projects: publications of Veii-Piazza d’Armi excavation campaigns 2000-2012, Veii Grotta Gramiccia necropolis, in collaboration with ISCIMA – National Council of Research and Cori-ancient polygonal walls project.
Since December 17th 2012 he is Scientific Director of the “Narce Archaeological-Virtual Museum”, Mazzano Romano, Italy (Direction position legally advertised).


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