The Structure

The Narce Archaeological-Virtual Museum is located in the imposing structure of the former public school building of Mazzano Romano. The compound of the primary school was projected in 1955 and it was opened in 1960. Before the Sixties, the school was hosted in an old building, overlooking the Treja river, in the medieval extramoenia area of Cavolo Zoppo, in via Lungo Treja-Piazza Guglielmo Marconi

The Museum, consisting in a Gallery and a Virtual Hall, is part of the Cultural Center of Mazzano Romano, together with the public library, the social center, the head office of the Treja Valley Regional Park, the public theater and the numerous local clubs and associations (Pro Loco, Band and Former Carabinieri ecc.)

 The current appearance of the complex is the result of a recent restoration funded by Regione Lazio (2010-2012) and designed by architects Alessandro Tonni and Manuela Spera, Mast studio.

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