1-Narce: a long story

The history of the excavations in the territory of Narce is long. Already in the final years of the 1800’s the first excavations were being carried out in the numerous necropolis that surrounded the settlement. The funerary objects discovered were exihibited and became the nucleus of the Museo Etrusco di Villa Giulia in Rome.

In the 60’s and 70’s of the 1900’s a reconnaissance over a wide area was done by the British School of Rome. In particular Timothy Potter investigated the inhabited area at the foot of the plateau of Narce. Also a series of excavations were carried out by the then Soprintendenza Archeologica in the Sanctuary of Monte li Santi-Le Rote (1985-2004, 2014), which brought to light many unknown aspects of this site.

In reality, the biography of Narce still lacks some important chapters. There are many historical questions pending, most importantly regarding the inhabited areas. For this very reason it was decided to investigate the high plateau of Monte li Santi, (one of the 3 hills of Narce, Monte li Santi and Pizzo Piede) on which a part of the antique village was built.







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