4-First results: Narce, a city

Between the 8th and 7th centuries BC., complex social, political and economic dynamics resulted in a new way of living together. In fact, according to the identifiable latin source FESCENNIUM, Narce began developing into an important urban center of the Agro Falisco. It had access to the Tiber River (Tevere) which was a fundamental via of communication and it was surrounded by vast necropoleis.

Narce was populated by groups of aristocrats of sophisticated culture, they loved exotic and rich products, and  wrote in the language of their powerful neighbours, the Etruscans. We don’t know who these first inhabitants were: maybe they were descents of the groups of settlers of the Bronze Age, maybe they were arrivals caused of a movement of families from Veio and other Etruscan settlements.

How did the inhabitants of these first settlements live: what did they cultivate, what did they eat, how did they interact and exploit the particular area in which they lived? What was the origin of the wealth/richness that is evidenced in their necropolis.

No written inscriptions give us answers to these questions. Only the work and findings of archeology can help us understand what really happened.







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